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Mars Rover 2020 Hat Knit-Along

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July 9 @ 5:30 pm 7:30 pm MDT

Join Our Mars 2020 Rover Knit-Along

We’ll be knitting a hat that pays tribute toPerseverance-Ingenuity the Mars 2020 Rover mission.  The Perseverance rover and it’s companion Ingenuity helicopter will be launched sometime in the late July-early August time frame and will be landing on Mars in February 2021.   Our hat depicts the new explorers as well as current Mars residents Curiosity and Opportunity. 

We’re using Madelinetosh Vintage yarns for the hat we’re making, but you can use any worsted yarn in two contrasting colors.  You can use size 7 and 8 circular or double-point needles or whatever size will give you the gauge that you want..  Remember that you may need to go down a needle size to get the hat the size you’d like, and you may want to use DK yarn if you need a smaller size. 

Project Details

The Mars 2020 Rover hat is a good chance to flex your colorwork muscles. The hat has long floats, so double-knit or ladderback jacquard are good techniques for this hat.  This isn’t a class, but you can ask questions and get support from others who are participating.   The best part is that it’s free!  You’ll get the pattern when you RSVP.  This isn’t a beginner project, but advanced beginners and intermediate knitters will enjoy it.  You’ll get the pattern chart when you RSVP.  We’ll be working with these hats until the February landing, and the knit-along will continue as needed as Perseverance and Ingenuity make their way to the red planet.  

The materials that you’ll need are:

  • One four-ounce skein of dark yarn in DK or worsted size
  • One four-ounce skein of contrasting yarn in DK or worsted
  • 16″ circular needles or double-point needles in size 6 or 7 for ribbing
  • 16″ circular needles or double-point needles in size 7 or 8 for the body of the hat
  • Extra circular or double-points in the size used to knit the body of the hat for finishing decreases
  • Launch peanuts (optional), not required but will be explained



  • I have the pattern chart, thank you…..but I don’t have the hat pattern.

    • Angie, I’ll get that to you today. It’s pretty simple.

  • I’m more crocheter than knitter, but I want to give this a try. My dad is a scientist who has been involved with many of the Mars missions before he retired, so it would be amazing to gift this hat to him!

    • Welcome, Michelle! We’ll be glad to help you. It’s not exactly a beginner pattern, but you’ve got a great incentive!

  • Hi there, I just found this, my sister actually worked on the Perseverance rover at JPL and I would love to make this for her. I signed up, but since the event has passed I don’t think I was sent the pattern. Is there any way to get a copy of it?

    • Mary Kate, I think you’re all set with the pattern. Just let us know if you need more help.


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