Online Beginning Navajo Weaving Techniques (Thursday Afternoons August 27, September 3, 10, 17, 24)

Weaving in Beauty Virtual Classroom Zoom

Learn beginning Navajo weaving techniques online with Diné instructor Gloria Begay and her Anglo assistant Mary Walker.   You'll learn plain and stripe weaving and joining techniques.  Gloria will show you how she designs on the loom and will help you solve problems as they arise.   The five-week class should allow you enough time […]



  • Hi! I’m so happy to be registered for the class that begins this Thursday, August 27th. I’ve not yet received an email with the details of the class; I’m checking here because I have recently had some difficulties with my email. My partner built my loom yesterday; I’ve oiled it and will give it a second coat of Danish oil today. I’ve purchased the items for weaving that were attached to the back of loom plan; but have absolutely no idea how they will be used. The mystery is so exciting! At this point I do have a question though: what should we use for the warp yarn? I’m so looking for to hearing from you and eagerly awaiting the first day of class!
    Thanks so much,
    Debbie Hoover

    • Debbie, I’ll get that information out to you this morning! That will tell you how to download your textbook. Review the list of warping supplies on page 18 and then let’s talk!

      • Hi Mary,

        I wasn’t able to reply to your email; it was returned with a communication error message.

        Thanks so much for all of the great information. I’ve ordered some wool warp; hopefully it will come soon. If it doesn’t make it by class time, I’ve got LOTS of acrylic weaving yarn that I can practice with. I was just recently gifted 80 3-5lb cones!

        I will have to get the turnbuckles; so happy I waited to do that as I was about to purchase them with two closed ends. I haven’t seen in the videos where the galvanized wire is used; but I haven’t read that portion of the book in its entirety yet either. So I suppose I will learn what it’s used for. I was waiting for that purchase as I didn’t see it in Big R yesterday. I might have to go into town to Lowes for that.

        I have used Zoom on numerous occasions and am very familiar with that tool. I am confident that I should be able to connect once the link is sent out. Will you send that out a couple of days prior to class?

        There seems like there is lots to learn and I’m very excited and happy that I have this opportunity. Looking forward to Thursday!!

        Thanks again for sending all of the information so quickly.


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