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Imagination’s Stairway Navajo Weaving by Gloria Begay

  • Weaver: Gloria Begay
  • Weaver Clan: Mountain Cove
  • Weaver home: Navajo, New Mexico
  • Price: $1415 with free shipping in the United States
  • Size 11.25″x18.5″:
  • Date Woven: September-October, 2022, Finished on October 18th, 2022
  • Date Consigned to Weaving in Beauty: September 14, 2022
  • Yarn: Various commercial and handspun yarns, some Navajo-Churro wool, spun and re-spun by Gloria for durability and design definition



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Imagination's Stairway Gloria BegayImagination’s Stairway is the newest piece from Gloria Begay’s loom!  Gloria wove this innovative design using her leftover pieces of fine-weight yarn and lots of imagination!  Some of the colors come from vegetal dyes; some come from aniline.  Meticulous stair steps that cover nearly the entire weaving form the design. 

Working in a design this close to the end of the piece using Navajo techniques takes painstaking work and concentration.  Doing it with the beauty and exacting detail in this piece is astounding.  

This piece is consigned here at Weaving in Beauty and 85% of the purchase price will go to Gloria.  She is willing to consider serious offers, so let’s talk!  

Gloria is born for the Mountain Cove People.  She is a master weaver and a respected teacher of Navajo weaving techniques here at Weaving in Beauty and at the University of New Mexico-Gallup.  She lives in Navajo, New Mexico.  



Weaving in Beauty specializes in contemporary rugs that we purchase directly from the weaver.  We generally pay the price asked by the weaver or we come as close to that price as possible. 

Recently, we have started accepting consignments of fine quality rugs directly from the weavers because there are few auctions taking place at this time. 

We try to support living weavers and do not buy or sell vintage rugs.  All of our rugs are from weavers that we know personally.