Knitters Pride Smartstix Circular Needles


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Knitting Needle & Ruler in one!

Smartstix is an innovative new “type” of a knitting needle. The inch marking on these needles lets you measure and check your gauge as you knit. Lively in color and manufactured in high-grade aluminum, these needles are as easy on the hand as they are on the eye.

Individual sizes are laser printed on each needle and size-specific colors make them easy to identify. Perfectly crafted metal tips mean beautiful stitch definition and easy knitting. This is an ideal tool for the smart knitter.

We have selected Knitter’s Pride SmartStix as our “go-to” needle brand.  We will be carrying a full selection of needle sizes and lengths in this line.  We’ve been using these for about a year, and everyone who tries them has been impressed.  In a word, they are as smooth as silk.  The one-inch markings are very handy, but it’s the quality of the needles that makes them a joy to use.  We also like the middle-level price point of the needles because we want you to have more money for yarn!  



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Circular Needles Size & Length

US 0/2.00mm 24", US 0/80mm 32", US 0/100mm 40", US 1/2.25mm 10", US 1/2.25mm 16", US 1/2.25mm 24", US 1/2.25mm 32", US 1/2.25mm 40", US 1.5/2.50mm 9", US 1.5/2.50mm 16", US 1.5/2.50mm 20", US 1.5/2.50mm 24", US 1.5/2.50mm 32", US 1.5/2.50mm 40", US 2/2.75mm 9", US 2/2.75mm 24", US 2/2.75mm 32", US 2/2.75mm 40", US 2.5/3mm 16", US 2.5/3mm 24", US 2.5/3mm 32", US 2.5/3mm 40", US 3/3.25mm 9", US 3/3.25mm 24", US 3/3.25mm 32", US 3/3.25mm 40", US 4/3.5mm 12", US 4/3.5mm 16", US 4/3.5mm 24", US 4/3.5mm 32", US 4/3.5mm 40", US 5/3.75mm 16", US 5/3.75mm 24", US 5/3.75mm 32", US 5/3.75mm 40", US 6/4mm 9", US 6/4mm 16", US 6/4mm 24", US 6/4mm 32", US 6/4mm 40", US 7/4.5mm 9", US 7/4.5mm 16", US 7/4.5mm 24", US 7/4.5mm 32", US 7/4.5mm 40", US 8/5mm 16", US 8/5mm 32", US 8/4.5mm 40", US 9/5.5mm 16", US 9/5.5mm 24", US 9/5.5mm 32", US 9/5.5mm 40", US 10/6mm 16", US 10/6mm 24", US 10/6mm 32", US 10/6mm 40", US 10.5/6.5mm 16", US 10.5/6.5mm 24", US 10.5/6.5mm 32", US 10.5/6.5mm 40", US 13/9mm 16", US 13/9mm 24", US 15/10mm 16", US 15/10mm 24"


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