Navajo Weaving Way by Noel Bennett and Tiana Bighorse


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Published by Interweave Press in 1997, Navajo Weaving Way has been a standard for weavers wanting to learn Navajo style weaving since it came out.  

Noel Bennett met traditional Navajo weaver Tiana Bighorse in 1968. In time Tiana took her into her family as a daughter. Together they sheared sheep, collected plants, dyed wool, carded, spun, and wove. This book records their many experiences together, a collaboration that spans nearly thirty years. In 1971, Tiana and Noel wrote Working with the Wool: How to Weave a Navajo Rug. Noel later wrote Designing with the Wool and The Weaver’s Pathway. Now, this single, authoritative volume brings together those three books—with updates and revisions—as well as excerpts from other published articles and books by Noel and Tiana about Navajo weaving, culture, and history. Detailed charts and illustrations help the weaver find her way step-by-step through the making of a first sampler and through several more advanced techniques.

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