Wild Color By Jenny Dean (paperback)


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The complete guide to making and using natural dyes.

Wild Color is a practical and inspiring guide to creating and using natural dyes from plants. Revealing how to obtain coral reds from bedstraw, beautiful blues from woad, and vivid yellows form buckthorn, this book explains all you need to know to grow your own dye plants and to extract and apply the dyes to a wide range of materials.

 Contains clear step-by-step explanations of all natural dyeing techniques, including mordanting and modifying, emphasizing environmentally-friendly methods.

Features over 65 species of plants with over 250 color swatches that show the vast and vibrant range of colors you can obtain.

 Includes visually inspiring photography and authoritative text, which combine to create the complete guide to natural dyeing.

Published by Watson Guptill in 1999

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