Addi Skacel- Rocket [Squared ,Regular,Spiraled]


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Rocket2 [squared]


Revolutionizing the way in which we knit, these slightly rounded, patented square needles promote positive ergonomics, feature a perfectly tapered point, a special no-slip tip texture, and yield impeccably even stitches every time! It’s all about the texture!


  • UNIQUELY INNOVATIVE: These needles are square in shape with rounded corners, and feature a subtle texture to help keep stitches in place.
  • STRESS-FREE KNITTING: The square shape allows for easy grip without putting too much strain on the hand, and is ideal for anyone who has experienced pain while knitting.
  • SPEEDY STITCHING: They feature addi’s Turbo finish, which makes for a quick yet smooth experience, and the tips are addi’s sharply tapered Rocket/Lace points, which are perfect for getting into tight spaces or completing complex stitch patterns.
  • Per industry standards, all circular knitting needles are measured from tip to tip. 

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Addi Skacel Circular Knitting Needle (Size)

US 0/2.00 mm 24", US 1/2.50mm 20", US 1/2.50mm 24", 2.75mm/2.75mm 20", 2.75mm/2.75mm 24", US 2/3.0mm 20", US 2/3.0mm 24", US 3/3.25mm 24", US 5/3.75mm 16", US 5/3.75mm 24", US 6/4.0mm 16", US 7/4.5mm 16", US 8/4.5mm 16", US 9/5.5mm 16"

Skacel Shape

Original Addi Turbo, Rocket 2 Squared, Ewenicorn Turbo Spiraling


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