ImageNameClass FormatClass Start DatesPrice
Boot Camp Survivors
Boot Camp Classes in Navajo Weaving Techniques in GallupFour-day Boot CampMay 12, 2024, June 23, 2024, July 21, 2024, September 1, 2024, October 13, 2024$450.00
Continuing Navajo Weaving Techniques: Beginner and Internediate
Continuing Hybrid Navajo Weaving Techniques: Beginning and IntermediateContinuing Student Hybrid Class (Subscription)November 25, 2023, November 30, 2023, December 2, 2023, December 7, 2023, December 9, 2023, December 14, 2023, December 16, 2023, January 11, 2024, January 13, 2024$35.00
Beginning Navajo Weaving Techniques
Hybrid Beginning Navajo Weaving TechniquesWeekly Hybrid Class (Five weeks)January 11, 2024, January 13, 2024, February 15, 2024, February 17, 2024$200.00
Navajo Weaving Techniques Class
Navajo Weaving Techniques Class at Weaving in Beauty (In-Person Seven Day Class)Week-long Class with Field TripsApril 28, 2024, June 3, 2024, August 4, 2024, September 15, 2024, September 29, 2024$825.00
Gloria and Jennie Working with Hybrid Class Students
Subscription: Continuing Hybrid Navajo Weaving Techniques
The Gallup Socker and Allied Sports League
The Gallup Socker and Allied Sports League: A Fiberholic Chatting Support GroupSocial and Studio Hours (Free)November 21, 2023, November 28, 2023, November 30, 2023, December 5, 2023$0.00

Health Safeguards for All Students

Students attending in-person classes must be up to date on vaccination against COVID-19.  We follow New Mexico and CDC protocols for masking. 

At this time, students do not need to wear a mask in the classroom unless they prefer to.  A UV-C/HEPA air filtration unit is used in the classroom.   

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About the Weaving in Beauty Mercantile

Weaving in Beauty is dedicated to expanding the appreciation and knowledge of the textiles of the Navajo people of what is now the southwestern United States.  Here, you'll find yarns, looms, tools for weaving the Navajo way.  We also carry select contemporary Navajo textiles.  

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