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Spiderwoman Cross Runner – Justin Cody Smith

Justin Cody Smith Spiderwoman Cross Runner

  • Weaver: Justin Cody Smith
  • Weaver home: Wide Ruins, AZ
  • Price: $800
  • Size: 14.5″x27″
  • Date Woven: July, 2023
  • Date Acquired by Weaving in Beauty: July 14, 2023
  • Yarn: Commercial Brown Sheep Yarn
  • Warps/Wefts Per Inch: 9 warps/32 wefts



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This beautiful Spiderwoman Cross Rug by Justin Cody Smith features bold colors and designs.  Justin’s classic design could have been woven 150 years ago.  He used the Spiderwoman cross motif in much the same way that they were used by 19th-century weavers in the Wide Ruins/Klagetoh/Ganado area where Justin lives today.  

The Spiderwoman Cross is seen as central to the development of Navajo weaving.  It’s seen as a gift from Spiderwoman, incorporating the Four Sacred Mountains and four directions.  The design is sometimes called the Hubbell Cross because trader J.L. Hubbell favored it and encouraged weavers to use it.  We think that Spiderwoman deserves the credit, though. 

The runner shows Justin’s usual meticulous weaving, with nine warps and 32 wefts per inch.  The 14.5″x27″ size will fit many spaces and look great on a table.  

We’ll consider offers on this tremendous contemporary piece!



Weaving in Beauty specializes in contemporary rugs that we purchase directly from the artist.  We generally pay the price asked by the artists or we come as close to that price as possible. 

Recently, we have started accepting consignments of fine-quality rugs directly from the artists because there are few auctions taking place at this time. 

We try to support living artists and with rare exceptions, we do not buy or sell vintage rugs.  All of our rugs are from weavers that we know personally.