Fetishes & Jewelry By Christopher McCabe


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Christopher McCabe of Coyote Canyon, New Mexico hand-carved each of the elements in this sculpture from natural gemstones.  Chris is the head of the seller’s association at Earl’s Restaurant.  He actively works to ensure that the Native American art sold there and elsewhere in our area is authentic and accurately represented.  Students from our classes will recognize his work.  

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Earrings Horny Toad, Necklace Horny Toad, Pins Horny Toad, Stand Alone Animals Horse, 4 Mountains Set, Earrings Horse, Earrings Turtle, Stand Alone Animals Cow, Stand Alone Animals Sheep, Stand Alone Animals Horny Toad, Set Hogan, Wagon, Outhouse, One Cow, Two Sheep, Sheep Earrings, Sheep Pins, Sheep Necklace, Hogan & Outhouse, Wagon, Horny Toad Necklace (White), Sheep Pendents


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