Handmade Hand Bags By Herbert &n Yolanda Burbank


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These attractive bags are made by Navajo artisans, Herbert and Yolanda Burbank.

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Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 9.25 × .25 in

8 Seeknit ( Koshilsu, 8 Seeknit ( Shirolake ), Addi Flip Stix, Addi Turbo, Addi Turbo Rocket, Aprons, Blue Earring, ChiaoGoo, Coral Necklace, Eagle Dancer, Grocery Bag Holder, KA Bamboo, Knitter Pride Smartstix, Knitter Pride Zing, Knitter's Pride Cubic's, Knitter's Pride Dreamz, Knitter's Pride Karbonz, Knitter's Pride Naturalz, Knitter's Pride Nova Cubic's Platina, Knitters Pride Bamboo, Knitters Pride Bosix, Knitters Pride Jumbo Birch, Lykke Driftwood, Navajo Basket, Navajo Blanket, Rectangle Pendent, Round Pendent, Snake Dancer, Squash Blossom, Susan Bates, Takumi Bamboo, White Pearl Necklace


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