Handwoven Navajo Tote Bags by Kestrel Leather

  • Tote bags created from Navajo weavings by Kestrel Leather
  • Leather insert ensures that the bag stands up
  • Variety of sizes


Our handwoven Navajo tote bags are a collaboration between Coye Balok of Kestrel Leather here in Gallup and area weavers.  Coye fashions the venerable Gallup Throws woven in our area into gusseted tote bags. 

A stiff leather insert at the bottom of the bag ensures that the bag will stand up until you have both your iPad and laptop in there.  Then, you’ll have to lean it up against the wall.   The bags all have shoulder-length genuine leather straps.  

Coye’s meticulous construction techniques enhance the beauty of the weaving.  We hope to have Coye’s bags on a regular basis!  He will also turn your own weaving into a custom bag if you’d like.  Contact us if you’re interested and we’ll get you in touch with Coye!

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This weaving was done by Jennie Peterson (Navajo) with commercial Brown Sheep yarn. This larger bag is 17 inches wide by 14 inches high and has a six inch opening. Shoulder-length black leather handles.


Not Currently Available


The bag is constructed from a handspun Gallup Throw weaving by Mary Chee (Navajo). It measures 14″x15″x5.5″ without handles. The black leather handles are long enough to go over the shoulder.


Not Currently Available


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