Art By Douglas Yazzie


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  The artist, Douglas Yazzie, is a self-taught artist who works in several media including painting, jewelry, and wood carving.

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Weight 6.4 oz
Dimensions 16.25 × 14.25 × .06125 in
Picture's & Drawings

Yei Bi Chei #2, The Five Flute Singer, Hopi Dancer, Shawnee Chief, Pots and Flutes, 4 Hopi Dancers, 3 Hopi Dancers, Chief, Hopi Girl, Zuni Olla Maiden, Zuni Pot Dancer, Spider Women Looking Over Spider Rock, Sweat Lodge, Cheyenne Dancer, Cheyenne Dancer With Buffalo, Rock Point, AZ, Indian Warrior, Contestant, Pots and Flutes, Hopi Antelope Priest, Ceremonial Dancer With Gold Trimming, Hopi Snake Dancer, Round Rock, AZ, Round Rock, AZ, Pot and Piper, Liberty Blue, Yei Bi Chei #1, Yei Bi Chei #3


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