Navajo Weaving (Rugs) Ceremony Rug By Cheryl Yazzie


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We got the rug at the Hubbell auction in fall 2018. There are certain weavers who have a way of formatting their work that makes it instantly recognizable but never repetitive. It’s really kind of a signature. Cheryl Yazzie’s pictorial weaving, for instance, is like a window that she opens to let us see into her view of the Navajo world and the minute you see see one, you know that you’re looking through Cheryl’s window and not someone else’s. At first, it’s easy to be so awestruck by one of these rugs that you can miss some of the craftsmanship and technical perfection. So let’s be awestruck and then do a little textile analysis afterward for those who are interested.
This rug will be rolled for shipment.

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