Pueblo Weaving and Textile Arts By Nancy Fox


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Long before the first Europeans appeared in the American Southwest, ancestors of today’s Pueblo Indians were spinning and weaving cotton for their everyday garments and ceremonial costumes. Much has been written about the arts of American Indians in recent years, yet the living tradition of Pueblo weaving has gone almost completely ignored. PUEBLO WEAVING AND TEXTILE ARTS is the first book devoted entirely to the complete range of this special tradition. And what a tradition it is! Weaving, braiding, brocading, embroidery, and the creation of a brilliant array of garments–from kilts to blankets, belts, mantas, leggings, and more–are all included in the Pueblo textile repertoire. It was the Pueblo who first taught the Navajo how to weave their famous blankets and rugs, lending them both their loom and their basic techniques. PUEBLO WEAVING AND TEXTILE ARTS cover the craft completely. History, technique, description of looms, articles of woven, designs, and the state of the art today are described in detail. There is also a glossary of weaving terms, a chart of Pueblo weaving’s evolution through the centuries, lists of prize-winning Pueblo weavers, and a stunning eight-page section in full color.

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