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Small Fine Eyedazzler with Hallmark by Jennie Slick

  • Weaver: Jennie Slick
  • Weaver home: Querino Canyon, Arizona
  • Price: $475 with free shipping in the United States
  • Jennie receives 85% of the purchase price
  • Size: 12″x18″
  • Warps per inch: 10
  • Wefts per inch: 56
  • Date Woven: June-July 2022
  • Date Consigned to Weaving in Beauty: August 2, 2022
  • Yarn: Burnham’s Trading Post Yarn, Size 2 (Fine Weight)

Not Currently Available


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Master Weaver Jennie Slick consigned this small fine Eyedazzler weaving with us.  We’re glad to help find it a home!  Like all of Jennie’s weaving, this is woven so tightly that you don’t see a bit of the warp.  The edges sport two side selvage cords.  Jennie’s distinctive hallmark appears at the bottom of the weaving.  Jennie is the owner of this Eyedazzler, and she will consider reasonable offers.  Use the Make an Offer button and we’ll contact Jennie!

Jennie will receive 85% of the purchase price of this small, fine Eyedazzler rug.  The lucky buyer will not only get an excellent weaving; they’ll also help a contemporary Navajo weaver support herself and her family.  You can’t lose!  

Jennie is still weaving actively at age 73. She recently took over the care of two of her grandchildren, ages 4 and 12.  



Not Currently Available

Weaving in Beauty specializes in contemporary rugs that we purchase directly from the weaver.  We generally pay the price asked by the weaver or we come as close to that price as possible. 

Recently, we have started accepting consignments of fine quality rugs directly from the weavers because there are few auctions taking place at this time. 

We try to support living weavers and do not buy or sell vintage rugs.  All of our rugs are from weavers that we know personally.