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Teec Nos Pos Rug by Alex Bitsui

  • Alex Bitsui with WeavingWeaver: Alex Bitsui
  • Weaver home: Blue Gap, AZ
  • Price: $700
  • Size: 19″x35.5″
  • Date Woven: January-February, 2023
  • Date Acquired by Weaving in Beauty: February 11, 2023
  • Yarn: Commercial Brown Sheep Yarn
  • Warps/Wefts Per Inch: 6 warps/40 wefts



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This Teec Nos Pos rug by Alex Bitsui is beautifully woven.  Alex uses colors in very expected combinations and inventive ways.  This piece is smaller than his usual work, but he wanted to bring it in for an auction.  We’re glad he did because we bid on it and got it so that you could put it in your home!

The rug measures 19″ x 35.5″ inches.  It’s a nice size; it will fit anywhere.  It will nicely accent a wall or a table.

Alex and his family are well-known for their interpretation of the Teec Nos Pos design.  They live in Blue Gap, Arizona. If you’re familiar with the geography of our area, you know that Blue Gap is a long way from Teec Nos Pos.

The Teec design came into Alex’s family through his father’s mother and her sisters.  They married into the area from Teec Nos Pos and brought the design with them.

People often remark that the Teec Nos Pos rug reminds them of Oriental rugs.  That’s because the weight of the design elements is similar to the geometry of Oriental rugs, but the motifs themselves come from the Navajo weaving culture.  In a Teec rug, your eye is drawn to the whole panel, not just to the center. 



Weaving in Beauty specializes in contemporary rugs that we purchase directly from the artist.  We generally pay the price asked by the artists or we come as close to that price as possible. 

Recently, we have started accepting consignments of fine-quality rugs directly from the artists because there are few auctions taking place at this time. 

We try to support living artists and with rare exceptions, we do not buy or sell vintage rugs.  All of our rugs are from weavers that we know personally.