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Pre-K to second-grade children love the award-winning children’s classic, The Goat in the Rug.  Geraldine is a goat, and Glenmae, a Navajo weaver. One day, Glenmae decides to weave Geraldine into a rug. First, Glenmae shears Geraldine. Then, she spins Geraldine’s wool into fine, strong yarn. Finally, Glenmae weaves the wool on her loom.   The reader learns, along with Geraldine, about the care and pride involved in the weaving of a Navajo rug — and about cooperation between friends.

Authors Geraldine the Goat and Martin Link tell a true and charming story that happened over 50 years ago. Martin directed the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, Arizona.  Glenmae worked there demonstrating Navajo weaving.  Geraldine joined Glenmae in filming a documentary on Navajo techniques and the book is a result of their collaboration.  The authors avoid stereotyping of Native Americans, one of the first children’s books to do so.  Martin, who lives in Gallup, signs each book on Geraldine’s behalf.  


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