Hybrid Beginning Navajo Weaving Techniques

An introductory class in Navajo weaving techniques.  Class meets for three hours each week for five weeks and covers warping, basic weaving, and joining techniques.  May be repeated.  Instruction provided by two Diné instructors.  


Sessions are scheduled to start on the following dates.  The beginning weaving class meets for three hours once a week for five weeks.  The continuing studio classes meet on a weekly subscription basis.  Social and studio sessions meet as scheduled.   

    Thursday, May 16, 2024 12:00 am

Register for the beginner class by selecting the date and time slot you want.  For continuing classes, click on the subscription link and sign up for the number of sessions that you want.

If you're registering for a beginner class, check out the supply list at the end of the class description.


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Online Beginning Navajo Weaving Class

Learn beginning Navajo weaving techniques online with Diné instructors Gloria Begay and Jennie Slick.   You’ll learn plain and stripe weaving and joining techniques. Gloria will show you how she designs the loom and will help you solve problems as they arise.   The five-week class should allow you enough time to finish your first weaving and warp a second. Store staff members are available to help with questions in between classes.   

 You may attend class in person if you are current on all recommended vaccines and boosters and not ill.   The class will also be available via Zoom for distant students who prefer that option.   

Tuition for the class is $200.   When you register, we will schedule an onboarding session with you to ensure you have access to the classroom and have what you need to start the class. You’ll also receive a digital download of our book.

The book will show you what you need to have to get started. The book has plans for a Navajo-style loom, but we have looms that can be shipped easily and require minimal assembly, and some options are even less expensive. Think a picture frame or canvas stretcher bars.  

Beginning Navajo Weaving Instructor: 

Gloria Begay with a student

Gloria Begay

Gloria is on the left in the picture. Her maternal clan is Mountain Cove, and her paternal clan is Towering House. She is the daughter of the famous weaver Nellie Joe. Nellie schooled her daughters in her exacting techniques of fine weaving and design. Gloria’s Chief Blanket and Burntwater designs are famous. She experiments with design, and she loves natural dyes.

Gloria is very encouraging, and her students love her. Her rugs and weavings are in collections all over the world. She constantly increases her weaving expertise and loves learning about new yarns and dyes.  

Gloria is fluent in Navajo and English and teaches students in both languages.   

Navajo weaving techniques class August 2019Jennie Slick

Jennie Slick is on the left in this picture. She is born to the Coyote Pass people and born for the Bitter Water People. She resides in the Querino Canyon area near Sanders, Arizona.  

Jennie has been teaching for over 20 years. She has taught all over the United States. Jennie loves sharing her weaving knowledge because she says, “you’re not supposed to be stingy with it.”   

Jennie is a very patient teacher, so her students return for more classes to increase their knowledge. She is fluent in Navajo and can teach in either Navajo or English.

What to Expect in Beginning Navajo Weaving Techniques

Week 1:  You’ll learn how the loom is warped, and you’ll mount the warp on the loom. If possible, you’ll do a little weaving on that first day. You’re probably going to be tired by the end of the day! But don’t worry; we’ll be around to help you with questions during the week!

Week 2:  You’ll learn how to manipulate the tools and how to do plain weave, and we’ll show you some interesting aspects of stripe weaves. Let’s start talking about design. We’ll pester you if you put your fork down all the time.   We’ll look at the shop’s rugs and talk about weaving history.  

Week 3:  Let’s add some design! You’ll weave block patterns and learn to develop designs. Gloria and Jennie will allow you to go as far as you want with design, but you must work somewhat independently during the week. They’ll keep it simple enough to understand and challenging enough to be interesting.  

Week 4:  Continue working on your pattern. We will solve any problems developing! We’ll talk about diagonal lines and maybe give them a try. It would be best if you were past the halfway point so we’ll begin discussing finishing.  

Week 5:  We’ll continue discussing finishing techniques and planning your next weaving adventure. We will show you how to spin the edging cord for your next project.  

Week 6:  We will be available for help and questions. 

Materials Needed

  • Navajo loom or a sturdy frame loom that will accommodate Navajo-style weaving or a frame that you can pound four nails into
  • Optional: Four nails and a hammer for frames that do not have pre-drilled holes
  • Zip ties (11″ and 14″ work best)
  • 4 3/4″ or 1″ dowels 18″ long or wide enough to go across your warping frame
  • A ball of Navajo warp wound tightly about the size of a golf ball. (2″)
  • 6 feet of 2 or 3-ply edging cord 
  • One ball of cotton twine
  • One sacking needle 3″ to 4″ long 
  • Optional: Neosporin and bandaids (sacking needles are sharp)
  • Nylon mason line or satin rattail cord for heddles
  • 2-3 skeins of Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb, Lamb’s Pride, or other worsted weight wool singles yarn in contrasting colors
  • 3/4″ weaving batten  
  • Weaving comb

Registration, Cancellation, and Refund Policies

A deposit is required to hold a seat in any class. You can make it up later if you are ill and miss a class. Students attending in-person classes must be up to date on vaccinations and boosters against COVID-19 and must follow New Mexico and CDC guidelines for masking.  

System Requirements

We use Zoom for our virtual classroom. Please check the requirements here to make sure that you’ll be able to participate.

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